National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau: E-commerce platform should close e-cigarette stores in time and remove e-cigarette products in time



  365betAccording to the National Tobacco Monopoly Administration on November 1st, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau issued a notice on further protecting minors from e-cigarettes (No. 1 of 2019).

  On August 28, 2018, the State Administration of Markets and the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau issued the Notice on Prohibiting the Sale of Electronic Cigarettes to Minors (State Administration of the State Administration of Taxation, State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Notice No. 26, 2018, below Referred to as the "Notice". Since the publication of the "Notice", the awareness of the community to protect minors from e-cigarettes has generally increased, and the phenomenon of directly promoting and selling e-cigarettes to minors has improved. But at the same time, it is also found that minors still know, buy and smoke electronic cigarettes through the Internet. Even e-cigarette companies are blindly pursuing economic interests, and publicizing, promoting and selling e-cigarettes through the Internet poses a huge threat to the physical and mental health of minors. To further protect minors from e-cigarettes, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

  As a supplement to traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes, e-cigarettes have their own safety and health risks. They are more selective in raw material selection, additive use, process design, quality control, etc. Some products have smoke leaks and inferior batteries. Quality safety hazards such as the addition of unsafe ingredients. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Minors, in order to strengthen the protection of the physical and mental health of minors, various market entities may not sell electronic cigarettes to minors. Any organization or individual should dissuade and stop the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.

  At the same time, in order to further strengthen the protection of minors' physical and mental health and prevent minors from purchasing and smoking electronic cigarettes through the Internet, we urge electronic cigarette production and sales enterprises or individuals to close the electronic cigarette Internet in time from the date of issuance of this circular. Selling websites or clients; urging e-commerce platforms to close e-cigarette stores in time and timely removing e-cigarette products; urging e-cigarette production and sales companies or individuals to withdraw e-cigarette advertisements posted via the Internet.

365bet  The tobacco monopoly administrative departments and market supervision and administration departments at all levels shall earnestly strengthen the promotion and implementation of this notice to protect minors from e-cigarettes. The tobacco monopoly administrative department shall increase the market supervision of e-cigarette products, strengthen the monitoring, dissuasion and suppression of the promotion and sale of e-cigarettes through the Internet, and investigate or notify relevant departments of all kinds of illegal activities discovered.

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